Lorestan province with an area of ​​28294 km in west of Iran, has ranked 16th in terms of area. Lorestan has a common border with Markazi, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari and Isfahan provinces. The province includes 10 counties and its center is called Khorramabad.  Two ethic groups of Lur and Lak live in this province and each speaks in their own language. Zagros Mountain range covers all parts of the region and leads to three climatic zones. First, the cold climate of mountainous regions; second, the temperate and semi-arid areas; and third, the warm and dry climate of the southern regions of the country.

The lands which are now inhabited by the tribes of Lur, were longs ago, before the arrival of the Aryans in this habitable territory, under the influence of the state of Ilam (Elamite). The primary inhabitants of Lorestan were the Kassite or Kashos, the area in the region known as Kashkanrood has probably taken its name from this tribe. Lur-e-Kuchak (the smaller lur), also known as the Khorshidian or the Abbasian, were a string of Atabakan and rulers of Lorestan who ruled the northern and western parts of the region, and their center of government was Shapurkhast (Khorramabad). The rulers are the descendants of Shoja-addin-Khorshid Lur, the founder of the monarchy of the Lur-e-Kuchak. The last ruler of Lur-e-Kuchak, Shah Verdi Khan, was killed during the reign of Shah Abbas I of Safavid Dynasty.

The combination of beautiful oak forests, numerous mountains, rivers, lakes, wetlands and caves, all attracts the attention to Lorestan province. In addition to natural landscapes, various cultural and religious remains, such as castles (the historic castle of Falak-ol-Aflak), minarets, bridges and mosques add to the unique attractions of Lorestan.

Among the most important handicrafts of the province engraving, Warshaw making (nickel silver dishes), Natural dying, Mashteh-Bafi, Seraji, Moshabak, Chooqa-bafi, enamel, gilding, and Sculpture making can be named. Souvenirs of the province include honey, dairy products, dough, Tuff, local bread, local cookies, various medicinal plants, and Warshaw (nicle-silver). Some local dishes of the province include Borujerdi dolma, Galiye-torsh Stew, Tuff and Kashk (curd), Natural Cheeses (Golma), Soqdou and Local Ash. Loris Tjeknavorian (Iranian-Armenian Musician) and Abdul Hussein Zarinkoub (Historian and writer) are among the celebrities of the province.