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Traditional Skills of Carpet Weaving in Fars
Photo by eFesenko/Shutterstock

Iranian art has gained a global reputation for the production of outstanding carpets. Located in the southwest of Iran, Fars province houses carpet wavers, mostly nomads, who still wave carpets in their traditional ways.

Men shear wool in spring and autumn and construct the carpet loom. Women continue the process and produce yarn using spinning wheels. The absence of design is the feature of Fars carpet; thus, each carpet is entirely unique.

Women weave what they imagine and choose every color they desire. Another characteristic of Fars carpet weaving is the application of natural colors. Plant colors such as walnut skin, madder, cherry stem, indigo, and pomegranate skin as well as colors of dried insects and oxides of metals are used up in the dyeing process.

Traditional skills of carpet weaving in Fars was registered in UNESCO in 2010.