Varkaneh is the name of a historical village in Hamedan province, western Iran. It is unique because of its stone pavements and house facades. Approximately all the houses there are covered by stone.

The characteristic, coupled with beautiful nature, mild weather and tourism facilities, has made Varkaneh a destination for Iranian and foreign visitors. The village has been used as the location of many movies. Many people know the village because of that. Varkaneh is registered on the list of Iran’s national heritage. It’s been given the titles of tourist target village and tourism special zone.

Varkaneh is located 20 kilometers southwest of Hamedan, the capital of a province with the same name. The village is surrounded by the middle part of the Zagros Mountain range. This has given the village a mountainous look, completed by the beauty of the gardens, farms, valleys and rivers crossing the region.

Varkaneh has been introduced as the most beautiful village of Hamedan province.

One of the most important cultural attractions of Varkaneh is its preserved local and architectural characteristics. Modernity has not changed the face of the area in the course of time and the region has kept its originality. The people of the village know the benefits of tourism, so they try to revive their past traditions, clothes, handicrafts and local arts.

Nomad tribes pass by the village every year in November and one can see the intact lives of these people intertwined with nature. The people of Varkaneh are proud of their village because it is the birth place of Professor Tofigh Musivand. He was the inventor of the technique of cardiopulmonary bypass, apart from many other international gains in medicine.

The village is 400 years old. There are historical places such as Imamzadeh Gheyb, the Arbabi House, the Horses’ Stable and the Simple Cemetery that visitors can see.

Imamzadeh Gheyb is a religious place used for prayers. The Arbabi House is known for its cross plan and its stone façade. The place can be used as a museum once its renovation is completed. The Horses’ Stable was once used as a place for keeping the animals. It is now used as a horse-riding field. The Simple Cemetery is attractive because bodies have been buried without tombstones. This has given the graveyard a lonely look.

Varkaneh is a mountainous village and for that reason enjoys mild weather. Summers are pretty cool and winters are not that cold. Most of tourists prefer to visit the area in spring and summer but winter can be a good time for an adventurous journey to the area.

Varkaneh has been introduced as the most beautiful village of Hamedan province. Lots of tourists flock to the region during spring and summer each year. Up-country areas, walnut, apple and almond gardens are the most popular attractions of the village.

Another thing that attracts tourists is the area’s tourism facilities, of course limited. There’s an official ecotourism residence and locals lend their houses during high seasons. This way, tourists can have new experiences and taste the region’s food. Some dishes such as Abgoosht, different types of Kebab and Ash give visitors a unique taste of the area’s rich culture.

Products of walnut, apricot, grape and apple gardens are the best souvenirs of the village.